The Project License will authorize access to the eManager program; a web-based solution that connects all roles that must collaborate to achieve a high level of project delivery. eManager automates workflows, facilitates effective tracking and communication, and reduces the administrative burden on a project team.


At the time of this agreement, the eManager software program includes the following specific services.

  1. Exposure capture, communication, collaboration and direction (PCO, NOC)
  2.  Daily construction reports (DCR)
  3. Electronic tickets
  4. Field Observations
  5. Photograph organization
  6. File transfer, repository and mobile access


Software upgrades that are released while this license is active will be available to this project at no additional cost. Upgrades typically require no involvement from the users. Upgrades may include additional services.

Training & Support

Training videos are available online as part of the documentation section. As a supplement to these resources, eManager staff will provide live training (in person or via web meeting). eManager does not limit the amount of training that is included in the license fee.

Users can submit support requests directly via the eManager project site. This support is available from approximately 8am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday.

For pressing issues, eManager staff will designate one project staff from the Administrating Company as an eManager Onsite Specialist. This will be the contact person for direct communication. Direct communication (phone/email) will be addressed as quickly as possible, regardless of the day or time.

Project License

The Project License includes all project site users. There are no set-up charges, per-user charges, or other charges beyond the monthly project license charge. The Project License is determined per eManager pricing table and is billed monthly. The Project License fee for this project is per month based on a construction budget. A trial period is not provided unless otherwise noted. This agreement can be terminated by contacting us.

eManager Pricing

Construction Budget Project License (/mo)
0 to 5 M $ 300
5 to 10 M $ 400
10 to 50 M $ 500
50 to 100 M $ 700
100 to 500 M $ 900
500 to 1,000 M $ 1,250

This table reflects the current on boarding price and may vary based on project start date