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1. Device

Microsoft Surface
The tablet that can replace your laptop is here.
Barely tipping the scales at 1.76 pounds, the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 has all the power and performance of a premium laptop in a thin and lightweight design.
It also comes with the all-new Surface Pen which delivers a natural writing and drawing experience.

Microsoft Store

2. Internet

Your Karma
The search for reliable WiFi can be frustrating. During your commute, at your local coffee shop, at the airport or hotel.
Meet Karma: your pocket’s new pal. Karma will keep your devices online, everywhere you go.
Karma grabs a 4G signal and creates your own personal WiFi network. Give it a home in your bag and stay connected for good.

Get Karma

3. Browser

Google Chrome
There are many benefits of upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer – improved speed, tabbed browsing, and better privacy settings to name a few.
Browsers have evolved to adapt to new web technologies including HTML5 and CSS3 which bring stunning new features and designs to your websites,
and the latest versions also help protect you from new attacks and threats with up to date security patches.