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Innovation Idea: TCCO eManager

Abstract of Idea

To create a web based (online) tool for Turner staff, subcontractors, owners, and consultants to communicate, manage, and report jobsite information for a major fast track project. To implement an extremely lean process throughout the project’s life.


The idea of eManager was conceived when a complicated, fast track project exposed the need for a novel system capable of facilitating collaboration and document transfer efficiently; and more accurately than was possible from using conventional methods.  eManager provides a centralized platform to communicate numerous changes, distribute revised documents, and to track authorization along with cost workflow.  By digitizing and connecting front end processes, eManager is able to provide up-to-date notifications and status reports to all parties involved, from Client to Architect, to Turner, down to the Subcontractors and field workforce.

eManager has four functional areas that provide a truly progressive solution to the challenges of modern construction management including communication of current documents, generating potential change orders, resolution of change orders, and communication of field information.

Communication of current documents: A database is established which includes updated Design Documents, Specifications, subcontractor scopes of work ( 3a’s pages ), and field sketches are  all uploaded into a module to help find and verify information.

Generation of Potential Change Orders: Using eManager, descriptive PCO’s (complete with photographs and marked up drawings) can be initiated by Turner field staff (PCO Requests) or the owner (Work Requests) from the field without having to return to the field office or pick up a phone.  The system helps ensure that the information in the request is complete before assigning a PCO number.

Once a PCO is generated, eManager seamlessly converts it into a NOC and facilitates file transfer, owner review and approval.  The system can also use the same information to generate and send out Subcontractor Requests for Pricing, effectively reducing multiple entries and eliminating multi-platform distribution.

Resolution of Change Orders: To facilitate the resolution of change orders, eManager enables subcontractors to submit pricing within the system at which point it can easily be bundled by Turner staff to the information previously collected, converted into an AL or COR letter, and posted directly to the owner’s eManager module.  Letters are then reviewed, commented, clarified/appended by Turner (when necessary), and approved within a facilitated eManager forum.  This forum eliminates cumbersome emails, ftp transfers, tracking logs and extended meetings.

Capture and Communication of Field Information: If work is selected to proceed, eManager allows Turner managers to convert PCOs into Subcontractor Work Directives and send with the click of a button.  It then allows Subcontractors to build eTickets to their own specific labor types and rates to automatically calculate estimates of work conducted, signing of tickets, along with the invoicing when tasks are completed.  All of this is completed from mobile devices in real-time.  DCRs are also completed digitally in the field.  This not only increases the completion rate and accuracy of DCRs by subcontractors, but also allows for enhanced tracking and verification by Turner staff.

Scale of measurable result

eManager is an innovative and truly original system that incorporates the entire field change order process onto one site and deploys information to tailored dashboards for the Owner, Turner management, Subcontractors and Consultants. This timely electronic distribution makes staff time more efficient and creates a change order workflow solution where Turner can control and manage the process.  The impact of eManager is realized in terms of process speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

The eManager system brings the information from the various project offices to the field though any mobile device. It allows instant communication between all parties established in the org chart and can be integrated with subcontractor’s eTickets and invoicing.  Internal and external processes, from PCO generation to AL/COR approval occur within an instantaneous digital environment that eliminate the lag of emails, tracking logs, and similar.

eManager improves the accuracy of all processes presented above by bringing them onto a single platform.  Instead of each company and group within each company working disparately on a part of a process, all parties work collaboratively within an integrated process framework.  It eliminates lost files between companies (lost emails and ball-in-court discrepancies).

eManager increases efficiency in many ways.  All parties can instantaneously see which files are in their court, and where each PCO is in the process so that they can get to work instead of spending time determining what work they have available.  eManager also increases efficiency by reducing multiple data entry, embedding forms, clarifying processes, inherently enforcing QAQC, and making the transfer of information seamless and effortless.  This system will help in solving field problems more efficiently through timely RFI answers, allow manpower and cost to be tracked for the work being performed, and minimized time spent for Turner’s staff by having the capability to manage this process from one source.

Ability to replicate

As a web-based system, eManager is easily replicated.  The central innovation is that it defines and enhances the construction management process.  It is both a tool and a framework that can be applied effectively to any complex construction project that Turner undertakes.  The system is built on a PHP CMS framework, enabling easy customization and making it ideal for fast track projects. In order to set up eManager on a new project, the core matrix must be installed followed by peripheral modules geared towards specific project needs.

Next, information regarding Subcontractor, Client, Consultant, and Turner personnel is entered and a relationship tree is generated between the assigned staff for each of the entities.  This enables conditional distribution and assignment of information. For example, within the electrical division the electrical engineer, electrical subcontractor, assigned turner staff, and owner’s rep are all linked together for distribution and information flow.  As sketches are generated in the field by the electrical engineer for added work, the NOC can be established, authorization approved, sub directives issued and signed tickets electronically tracked and posted. As the subcontractor submits tickets for work being performed that day, all files related to that task are attached and everyone involved will be automatically notified via eManager that a ticket was submitted.  Once the relationship tree is established, it is assured that documents and notifications include the correct groups.

Peripheral modules include the PCO Request form, NOC Status, Requested pricing, AL/COR status, Work ticket tracker, daily construction reporting, and sub invoicing.  These modules require little to no customization for replication and application to a new project.

TCCOeManager is a customized solution to the collaborative management processes for any Project.  Once logged on, users will have access to a single digital platform that connects all parties from subcontractors to the owner in real time, facilitating everything from eTickets to document transfer and review.  With eManager at the front line in the field, a team could implement an extremely Lean process throughout the life of a Project giving it an edge over their teams.


Challenges to Overcome

Since its original conception, eManager’s primary mission has been to deliver up-to-date information instantly to all parties involved on a project. It was created to help notify these parties about any work being completed in the field that was not included in Turner’s Contract and/or the Sub’s Contracts. The major benefit of eManager is the speed at which a Change Order can be initiated, tracked, communicated and approved.

*Featured Desktop Replacement: Samsung Series 7 Slate – used by superintendents at MSG, NY as a grab and go PC which completely replaces a desktop or laptop.

The key to making the system successful is to deliver a “user friendly” product to the Architect, Turner staff, and Subcontractor personnel. The eManager site is up and running as described above.  The functional areas listed have been created and tested, with roll-out to the client is approximately 80% complete.  Traction has been strong both with the owner and with subcontractors.  Results have been immediately apparent, and feedback has been constructive.

The challenge going forward is to complete roll-out and maintain the momentum that has been generated in order to complete the project successfully and develop a competitive advantage that is tangible to future clients.  Additional challenges include the implementation of additional modules that will expand the capabilities of the system.  This includes delivery and material tracking with QR codes, building subcontractor material cost databases for eTickets and Turner review, optimizing the electronic signature system for owner sign offs and making eManager an ideal solution to test different technologies in the industry.

Developer Information

Developer: Matthew M. Emma ([email protected])

Developer: John Glatt ([email protected])

Executive: Mark Pulsfort ([email protected])

Project: Madison Square Garden – Transformation V

Business Unit: New York