The mission of eManager is to create a web based (online) tool for GC staff, subcontractors, owners, and consultants to communicate, manage, and report jobsite information for a major fast track project. To implement an extremely lean process throughout the project’s life. The idea of eManager was conceived when a complicated, fast track project exposed the need for a novel system capable of facilitating collaboration and document transfer efficiently; and more accurately than was possible from using conventional methods. eManager provides a centralized platform to communicate numerous changes, distribute revised documents, and to track authorization along with cost workflow.

By digitizing and connecting front end processes, eManager is able to provide up-to-date notifications and status reports to all parties involved, from Client to Architect, to GC, down to the Subcontractors and field workforce. eManager has four functional areas that provide a truly progressive solution to the challenges of modern construction management including communication of current documents, generating potential change orders, resolution of change orders, and communication of field information.

eManager is an innovative and truly original system that incorporates the entire field change order process onto one site and deploys information to tailored dashboards for the Owner, GC, Subcontractors and Consultants. This timely electronic distribution makes staff time more efficient and creates a change order workflow solution where GC can control and manage the process. The impact of eManager is realized in terms of process speed, accuracy, and efficiency. To find out how you can get emanager on your project site, click the button below: